Was it your diode string or did you find some other problem that you fixed to get it working? Personally I would just completely avoid using an MOT and stick to high ratio coils like ignition coils. The way you add T2 is all wrong, so is the way you connect the second power supply. If the coil is driven at resonance, the output voltage will be higher and the waveform more sine like. The best way is to drive the HV supply a flyback or TC at a set frequency which is high enough to be inaudiable to humans.

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Your MMC or primary coil would need to be very large to match the frequency. The power supply i used was an old pc psu with 12 amps from the 12v output. In the secondary, L is large and C is small, but in the primary, L is small and C is large.

The SCR is on a heat sink, and the capacitor bank was upped to 4uF Any more and the operating frequency drops below resonance. Providing that you choose right coupling and tune precisely, all racing sparks should be eradicated.

I have a small capacitor across the coil inputs and a fast-switching diode antiparallel with the collector and emitter of the MOSFET. Do you think this circuit would work for a good driver? There are 2 30KV 1nf caps in parralell with the first caps. The legality of that would vary in different countries, but in most it would be considered as fair use as it is only for reference and not to be posted on the website.


I managed to have your circuit working with a computer transformer 16V, 3. The cap bank is made of: You need a device known as an RF choke or an EMI filter between your mains outlet and dimmer circuit. Ignition coils make a lot of voltage spikes clil your circuit needs to deal with this otherwise it will just fail.

Going to apply this to a metal fence.

If you are wanting to make long sparks, then I would reccomend using a different circuit. Arcs should also be larger than a single coil. Can higher current power Mosfets be used in this curcuit? All of these components are mounted in a metal computer case. Unfortunatley the practical application of high voltage, high current, high frequency switching is not so simple.

He says he uses 7 cycles per second, does this mean hertz? I want to use the ignition coils so i don,t have damage to the NST,also my Capacitor is a salt water capacitor it works poorly how could i make a better cap or buy ones that would work?

DIY Ignition Coil Driver

The current can be calculated in a similar way. The square wave driver gives a HV output made from high frequency pulses which are too quick ignitio charge the tank capacitor fully on each cycle.


Many other transistors can be used. Where do they go and where do i put them. Start on a very low volume to test things out. PS love your site.

POWERLABS Ignition coil drivers page!

This person would be able to purchase an NST and help install it safely. You can be killed with a thousand times less current than that. Some people consider the car ignition coil and flyback transformers as Tesla coils with solid ferromagnetic cores. You should also have a igbition resistor between gate and GND.

DIY Mini Tesla Coil – RMCybernetics

Whats the reason to this? With my battery powered tesla coil, just a few turns out on the primary coil would make the difference between 1cm and 20cm sparks. I would also reccomend replacing the ignition coil with a speaker while you get it working. I have n23055 questions and hope you can help me:.

The most common way to do this is to adjust the number of primary turns by tapping off at different points.