Abits Tix takes the lead by a great margin. It’s the chip’s DirectX 8. Since this board sports ViVo functionality it is equipped with the Rage Theater chip. The heatsink design and the dark blue PCB really looks very cool. However, DX8 does have a software vertex shader implementation, so cards without vertex shaders can lean on the CPU for vertex shader handling. A driver-level vertex shader would also present opportunities for tweaking, extensive SIMD support, and the like. It didn’t allow you to share system memory with it which at least some of the newer ones do.

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My friend also has a SiS in a computer his mom bought him.

BioShock Infinite and Metro: DirectX doesn’t have any facility for emulating pixel shaders they could be emulated via multi-pass rendering, but DX8 doesn’t break down pixel shader programs into multiple passes, probably for performance reasons. But I will wait to see what they do, I try not to close any doors until I can judge something for myself.

P4i45GV R5.0

I hate SiS with a pasion. First up we have some 3DMark benches.

S-video cable, S-Video-Composite adapter. Video In works just fine too as long as you have a clean source of video.


This is huge point to consider because the Xabre ‘s main competition is still only just DX 7 compatible. Find out the answers to these questions and more as we take an in-depth look at SiS’s Xabre graphics chip.

ATI vs. nVidia vs SiS? [Archive] – Overclockers Forums

Sparkle GeForce FX All cards but two are built on nVidias FX chip, that is “non-Ultra”. I simply wanted to give you a picture of what type of performance you get if you dosh out some more dough. This overclocking is endorsed gainawrd Gainward and does not void your warranty. First of all, it is useful for movie lovers as they can run the a player on the second monitor.

Privacy policy and Terms of Use. Here’s someone elses comments: However, it’s impossible to do this thing with the WinDVD because the player knows well the border gainwadd the monitors and you will see just a black window instead of a movie. The cool thing in this package is Siluro IQ gaimward is Abits in house hardware monitoring and tweaking tool.

PixelViews higher clockfrequencies does however. The details will be shown later.

SiS’s Xabre 400 graphics processor

Test setup Hardware Processor: The two GeForce boards clearly handle this better. Video 3Digests Video cards: Then again, this is a budget graphics part, and the only announced graphics card with any kind of really hard-core internal precision is ATI’s high-end Radeon Pro.


Not a very sweet ride at all. About Us Employment Privacy Policy. And in the end it falls behind the RADEONwhich despite MHz has only two 2 rendering pipelines, instead of 4; besides, it uses only 4 texture units out of 6. Siluro IQ in general looks very nice and has some cool features.

SIS Xabre Review

Abit has lower memory clock frequencies than the other FX manufacturers, on top of that they even chose to go with a 64 bit memory bus instead of bit which will severely handicap performance.

Very tasty look in my opinion. The settings are quite scarce and they are connected mainly with information on the card and dualhead support: Undoubtedly, the new family can’t boast of perfect architecture or performance.

The golden orb-like fan looks pretty sweet though.

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