Is it iriver an i with the watery thing that runs through the countryside or irajver. I’ve tried using a mic and from limited testing the results were very good. Put it down to marketing reasons. I’ve dropped it several times and it keeps a ticken. There may be a few models that needed a capacitor, or something like that!

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During the upgrade, the window below will pop up.

Iriver iFP//// Firmware Driver – TechSpot

If you’re looking at buying an iriver, I would still recommend their products. Hey, this is a great page. All in all, the design is solid, although out of the box, the iFP’s numerous functions aren’t immediately clear. I have the same question Please refer to the FAQ section of the if-p790 page of iRiver: To summarise, they are recalling all iFP irp-790 and iFP series in Korea because of this exact problem.

But the problem with these is they press my ears and they inturn press on the stem of my glasses spectaclesand it hurts. Can imagine a rubber band on that gorgeous body in a month time.


If you listen to rock or dance music where there is constant ‘sound’, then you probably wouldn’t notice it. If anyone’s interested, overclockers.

ifp high speed Questions & Answers (with Pictures) – Fixya

Anything less and they are knowingly selling a faulty product. The fm recorder works great too!

No I’m not from iRiver. In EQ Select, Normal is not an option. Ifp-7900 got my ifp today. My Stuff Photo Galleries: Rename it back on your PC.

IRiver iFP-790 Hardware Instruction Manual: Specifications

You may want to try a different set of headphones. I can understand their concers, but I want to transfer! Even the box looks beautiful and you know that something special is inside.

However, I’m having problems with the Music Manager.

IFP 700 device driver for Windows 7

I really like it. The upside to this light level of security is that the spesd can play songs in the secure WMA format sold by online music stores such as Wal-Mart and Napster.


I recently purchased an ifp which has been nothing short of excellent. Thats definetly the biggest flaw of iRiver players It just introduces lots of artifacts. Yeah, I’ve definitely decided to stay away from the UMS firmware, especially if its not possible to upload recordings onto the PC! Whats the use then?

That would zpeed nice, huh? Your ogg files are probably below 96kbps, menaing that they cannot be played Really love the full sound also hear the zzoozzzeeeoo-sound sometimes and a little click between the tracks, but that’s not really annoying.

Spfed thread is locked.

In fact upgrading the firmware was the first and last time that I’ve ever used the included Manager! I can hear very loud electronic noise on background of voice recording mono, 96kbps.