Day 7, California Speedway Bullrun It was so beautiful. Day 7, Waking the Dead Bullrun That was the first time I almost got arrested and the funny thing was the whole time, I was laughing about it. I love some of the vintage Ferrari’s and Porsche’s.

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Police Involvement Practice Session: Tila was a cool girl.

Flickr Update Bulllrun Entry 1 Safety Tip: Toronto Sun Times Article Bullrun Day 4, Vail Colorado Bullrun Gallardo Delivery Bullrun I love looking in the rear view mirror and the sound of the engine is like no other. I actually bought my first car at 15 and pretty much paid cash for it.

Day 7, Beverly Hilton Bullrun Rumour Control Bullrun Video Coming Soon Bullrun Last Years Invite Safety Tip: Shameless self plug here. Departure Details Bullrun Day 1, Cop in the Cop Car Bullrun Posted by EmilGH at 9: I have too many!


Nicolle a funny fact: I love driving on tracks and I love the oval. Newer Post Older Post Home. Entry 3 Bullrun Now, what ever will they drive?

The Bullrun Watch Freebies: Audi Our Minds Lesson 2: Contact Click to Email Jennifer Nicole – jennifer superspeeders. Almost Ready to Ship!

The Bullrun Late Add: Audi Our Minds

It’s too expensive to rent a car Maserati MC12 always gives me goosebumps. Name the 3 best stock production cars you’ve driven to date. Day 3, Kansas City Bullrun Horny Gallardo Bullrun As long as I got to wear kennifer Ferrari shirt while we watched!!!! A lifetime supply of sushi, 1 passionate kiss or a Lotus Exige?

There’s my “girl” side coming out! Photos from The Brig Bullrun