They have a lot of packages around websites like Amazon that come with multiple models as well as cases and various other accessories. The Electrovoice RE is quite famous with the microphone experts, especially when it comes to the obvious most important part of a microphone in general — sound. So what exactly are dynamic mics used for? I’d say they’re on par with the SM mics, better than many mics costing more than SMs and way better than Shure’s economy-model PG57 and PG58, which sell for about double their price rather than triple. In terms of comparing with the prior two models, it really comes down to price again.

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The Sennheiser MD is another high-end cardioid dynamic mic that brings us excellent quality, build and of course, sound. At the end of the day, get what you can afford, use it and upgrade when your abilities have outgrown your gear.

Jun 17, 8.

Great SM57 and SM58 Mic Clones | The Gear Page

I would buy them again, and probably will. If you have the budget, this is definitely one of the best dynamic microphones on the planet. At the end of the day, use your ears, there are some mics that professionals will swear by, but if you take out the high end converters, mic channels, room acoustics, they may not be the best fit for budget minded people. Be sure to keep our above checklist in mind when sifting through the models, and remember, let us know nicrofone you have any questions or comments down below.


Jun 16, 4. Another company I would look at is audio technica, specifically the 40xx series. Also, those who are deep within the microphone game would have some words with us as well! TazmaniacJun 16, You get performance-quality mics at throw-away prices.

In terms of comparing with the prior two models, it really comes down to price again. Jun 17, Great for vocal stage presence or even semi-pro recording at home. Jun 18, I xlone busted out my throat too many times at an early age There’s a few decent companies.

Great SM57 and SM58 Mic Clones

The RE has a variable-D which helps minimize proximity effect, a cardioid build mifrofone a degree off-axis helps with pickup as well as elimination of ambient noiseas well as a nifty bass roll-off switch. Sennheiser is typically well-known for their headphones, but this model has proven itself to be one of the heavy hitters in the market.

Hundreds of tubes and transformers were tested to come up with the best matches for each capsule. If you’re pairing it with something like an e the clones are fine my views are more based on using it as a single mic, which is fine for small track count, but the flaw’s add up over a number of tracksi guess i’ve just wasted too much money on essentially throw away mic’s to buy them anymore myself, they’re a bit of a hit and a miss sometimes Both are pretty much identical to their Shure counterparts in tone, frequency response and construction quality.


TazmaniacJun 18, Share This Page Tweet. It microdone three microphone experts including a PhD in Physics, a design genius in Belgium, 10 Grammy Winning Engineers and a 40 year-old microphone collection to create these microphones!

The Top 10 Best Dynamic Microphones on Earth

By consulting with such golden-ears or bat-ears as we think of them such as Chuck Ainlay and Michael Shipley we were able to find the optimal signal path for each of the five fine-tuned capsules. Either way you go, you will not be disappointed. Someone needs to explain that to me, because Lcone don’t get it Ive mic’d cabs and my acoustics with them.

Also living in Australia back then wasn’t favorable in terms of buying Recording gear. To end our list lightly, we have a very cheap solution in case you wanted a simple pick with very little damage to the wallet.

The construction is definitely rugged as compared to others in the market and the sound quality is quite suitable for even semi-pro environments considering the price. Jun 17, 9. There aren’t nicrofone lot of things out there that will ruin your recordings so much. Straight wire theory at its best!