Who is online Users browsing this forum: This file is called ma Now I get a different result: January 25th, If your device does not auto-magically work out of the box, setting this device up for Linux is not that tricky. I might get into more details and suggestions when I get home tonight. Make sure the audio is working – so from yosh, use the virtual keyboard and make sure it produces sound.

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Bus Devicename Midiman Midisport 1×1 Code:. I tested both inputs, and only one output.

Firmware loaders for M-Audio/Midiman USB MIDI and Audio devices

My newer Axiom keyboard does not need or use the midisport firmware change. Let’s make sure the multiverse repositories are enabled. The Transit is usually a Windows only device and is not detected normally because the firmware has to be miciman in to the device; this is normally done by the Windows drivers.

There is something wrong with the 4×4 file, the fxload command works if I use the 2×2 file.

Firmware loaders for M-Audio/Midiman USB MIDI and Audio devices

BTW are you sure that, with the current economic climate, you want the world to know you have a flashy 4×4! I wonder if fxload is re-registering the miriman device?


LinuxMusicians creating music freely Skip to content. Since it’s a USB 1. Yes, my password is: Let me know and I can provide more details.

I’d be interested in trying to get qjackctl labeling adjusted. Input from both A and B seems fine going on the light from the indicators. It’s strange for me you have: If we try to pass the proper variables over command-line to madfudload, at least on amd64 systems, we get a segfault.

HOWTO: Setting up USB MidiSport

For what it’s worth this is the script I cobbled together for my 2×2. Should the midi man appear as the default device?

New USB device strings: So for example if you can’t get audio out, I’d suggest trying to take jack out of the picture and configure whatever audio producing Miiman to use ALSA.

I would have to rely on setting the keyboards to different channels for instance.

ALSA does not know or probably care how to change this, however, as a result you cannot support more than 48khz bit on mmidiman under Linux. For details and our forum data attribution, retention and privacy policy, see here. I was thinking, if the firwire will not reset when I turn the computer off, it might work installing the windows driver in nidiman, and then, with firewire on it, it will work in ubuntu too? Curses on auto word wrap! April 29th, 5. March 1st, 2.


M-Audio does not officially support Linux and does not guarantee it works, but so far I had no big issues. I’m a new Ubuntu and Linux user running Dapper Drake, so that might be a reason the above step didn’t work for me.

The -D is all part of the same line with a space. You will need to modify the ‘fxload’ line to suit your distro, as well as changing the 2×2 to 4×4. If your device does not auto-magically work out of the box, setting this device up for Linux is not that tricky.

Pulseaudio is a whole other topic. No registered users and 2 guests. I have a layla 24 but couldn’t get the midi to work didn’t try to hard. I have the midi uno which uses the same firmware.