They then continued to sell the Multiface. There is no equivalent of the PEEK command for these chips. Dynamic ratio stereo monitor output: Different models had slightly different features. If you turned your Multiface on even one fiftieth of a second before pressing the red button, the game would crash. Now, thanks to Jose Leandro, the hardware specialist of the spectrum, with his famous page:.

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Anti-Multiface was a public domain program for the Amstrad CPC which allowed the restoring of saved memory dumps without the need for a Multiface to multifce present. Other competing systems were a wide array of software-based transfer programs. Retrieved from ” https: It was limited to K machines and would not work on dumps bigger than 64K.

Fireface TCO Out of production! All of these settings are saved on disc as part of your backup. This page was last modified on 17 Marchat The reverse engineering of the multiface II is not quite complete, in that two versions of one of the PAL chips are apparently in the wild, and only one has been reverse engineered, and that one not completely.


Multiface – Wikipedia

Advanced Remote Out of production! With a simple mouse click you gain access to the full power of your system. Each chip has a different address. Something more people found useful was that you could change crucial parts of a game — notably the memory location that holds your multicace number of lives. It works like this.

The clear structured, easy to understand window plus the unique informative status windows for input signal, clock mode, sample rate and time code make your work with Hammerfall DSP System to a real pleasure. Loading games from tape is tedious: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Basic Remote Out of production! So AA always used to print a picture of a Multiface.

RME: Hammerfall DSP Multiface II

April Learn how and when to remove this template message. So this is blank until we get round to taking mulriface new one.

Fireface Out of production!

Multiface II – version with switch for making it invisible to software – Front eBay. Digiface Out of production! Until one fateful day, when the usual spot was blank. BOB Out of production!


This reset your CPC and turned the Multiface on at the same time. ADAT Sync connector removed for increased space between the TRS jacks Improved enclosure and more generous board layout, improving technical specifications and internal quality. Since not even Richard Wildey has reactions that sharp, you were still lumbered. When it was turned on, you could make copies, reload games saved with the Multiface, and use the toolkit.

RME Audio Multiface II Digital Recorder

Dynamic ratio stereo monitor output: But that was enough. Needless to say, the Multiface did just that muotiface written in machine code. OctaMic D Out of production! Soundhakker helped you to nick Soundtrakker tunes from demos and fanzines. It connected to the cartridge port with a wired connector attaching to the monitor port to generate the interrupt signal when the button was pressed.